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NOVUM - General warranty:

10 years:
  • HDPE elements (High-density  polyethylene plastics)
The UV resistance is limited depending on the  severity of the solar radiation and temperature.  Above warranty period applies to the West  European Countries with a temperate climate  zone. In other cases the warranty is 5 years.
3 years:
  • Steel poles
  • Wood and glue- laminated poles
  • Galvanized structural parts
  • Beams and platform frames
  • Metal parts with painted top layer
  • Other stainless steel and aluminum parts
2 years:
  • Springs
  • Polypropylene ropes and net  constructions
  • Movable metal and plastic parts.
  • Steel ropes
  • Chains
  • Polypropylene tunnels and slides
  • Metal slides
  • Concrete elements
  • Other plastic parts
  • Other wooden elements
1 year:

  • Rubber and rubber coated parts
  • Nets and ropes in sport products
  • Textile elements
  • Fiberglass parts

1. Damages resulting from the acts of vandalism, misuse or excessive strain.
2. If the product is assembled and/or installed in a manner contrary to NOVUM instructions.
3. If the purchaser has not performed and documented inspection and maintenance as  directed in NOVUM playground instruction of use and handling (available on request).
4. All required maintenance must be carried out promptly and regularly over the life of the  product.
5. For normal wear and tear, fading, discoloration.
6. Cosmetic issues from surface corrosion, scratches, dents.
7. Natural changes in wood (f.ex. cracks caused by changes in temperature and humidity).
8. If the product is being used or installed together with products not approved by NOVUM.
9. If the buyer does not inform the NOVUM or an authorized representative of a defect within 2  months from the moment when it was or should have been noticed.
10. The surface finish on metal components installed in structures within 500 meters from the  seashore or chlorinated water - in that cases is half of the standard warranty period.
11. Loses of the paint coating in places of intensive used (f.ex footrests, handrails, ramps,  stairs).

During the warranty period, NOVUM will within a reasonable time and in its sole discretion, repair or replace defective products. Parts to be exchanged or repaired will be sent to the buyer in the shortest possible time. Upon request, defective or non-conforming parts must be returned to NOVUM. The warranty of any replaced product or part thereof shall remain valid until the end of the warranty period of the original product or part.

Authorized distributor is responsible for handling complaints on its territory. Purchaser must send warranty claims, with all necessary documents, including the invoice, location details, photos and description of the defect. In addition, the customer/distributor must, upon request, present NOVUM with a copy of documents indicating how inspection and maintenance procedures have been conducted.
If the complaint is accepted, the replacement part will be sent to the buyer or the distributor for an approved address at NOVUM's discretion.
If a dispute arises concerning the warranty, it shall be finally settled by arbitration in Poland at a location determined by NOVUM.
All warranty periods begin on the date of NOVUM' invoice. We reserve the right to make design and structural changes in our products without notice. In warranty issues, please get in touch with your contact person.


Playground instruction of use and handling.
A. Playground inspection
According to the European Standard PN-EN-1176-1 on purpose of increasing children safety at the playground area  NOVUM recomends that the owner of playground should apply to the following instruction.

1. Regular inspection
The purpose of this inspection is to find an obvious danger that can be a result of vandalism, devastation caused by  weather conditions or littering the playground with e.g. broken bottles.
The control ought to be arranged at least once a week or more depending on intensity of use, kind of vandalism, age of  playground equipment and used materials.

2. Functional inspection
Functional inspection is more detailed and aims to check functionality and stability of playground devices especially regarding its use. Inspection ought to be done once in a quarter. The subjects of inspection are: cleanness, clearance between device and ground surface, surface condition, expose foundations, sharp edges, lack of structural elements, damage of moving parts, playground compactness.

3. Annual basic control
This inspection must be arranged at least once a year and evaluate an overall safety level of playground equipment, foundation and surface condition, an impact of weather conditions, traces of decomposition and corrosion and also changes in the safety level as the result of already made repairs.
The result of annual base inspection must be described in the checking list (according to below form) and stored together with other documentary belonging to the same playground set.

If any of above inspections revealed serious defects threaten the safety of users Novum recommends to promptly remove
a danger or prevent its using to the time of repair.
All repairs must be noted in the inspection form (template below).

During intensive use of playground devices its reccomended to increase the frequency of control.\

B. Handling and conservation
The regular devices and surface checks are recommended for children safety at the playground.
They include the following steps:

− maintenance of open space around the playground devices
− filling up the lacks in the falling space
− removing the sharp objects
− equipment cleaning
− tightening and strengthening of devices
− lubriction of moving elements
− welds checking
− renovation of wooden elements by using approved paints in accordence to International Standards.

C . Inspection form

No. Scope of the audit Inspection  date Inspector Sign Date of repair Executive Sign