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Mini Weather Island

An interesting form of a small island, which was created for children aged 0-3. Is the sky overcast today? Why is rain important to the nature around us? Thanks to various elements, it develops children's motor skills, stimulates their curiosity about the surrounding world, activates children's perception of changes in nature, and teaches independence in overcoming various barriers. Climbing and descending from the island practicing balanc...

  • Serial number: 7101EPZ
  • Price: ON DEMAND

Supporting columns made of round steel tube38 mm, embedded directly in the ground. Three-layer panels made of high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) with milled applications. High-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) benches with milled applications. All fasteners resistant to atmospheric conditions and UV radiation. Steel elements protected against corrosion by zinc primer and powder coating.

Height (m) 0.84
Width (m) 1.22
Length (m) 0.99
Freeheight of fall (m) 0.52
Safety area dimension 4,32 - 4,03
User numbers 3
Compliance with the norm EN-1176-1:2017-12

The method, date and cost of delivery are each time agreed by the Parties before shipment. We comprehensively organize transport to the place indicated by the client. However, the full cost of transportation is borne by the customer. It is the client's responsibility to prepare the project and report the construction of the playground to the appropriate authorities, prepare a safe surface, dismantle old equipment, bushes and trees and prepare the site. We provide detailed assembly instructions, the customer is responsible for the assembly itself.